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irish spring ultimate wakeup

Original price was: ₨:3,200.00.Current price is: ₨:3,000.00.
Irish Spring Ultimate Wakeup With Tea Tree Oil and Iced Lemon scent provides the ultimate invigorating shower. The tea tree oil and iced lemon scent help you get energized and refreshed for whatever's next. Odor neutralizing technology will keep you fresh for 24 hours. This moisturizing body wash washes away bacteria and retains your skin's natural moisture. It can also be used as a hand and face wash, and is paraben free, formulated without phthalates, and contains biodegradable cleaning ingredients. Consumer Benefits Mens body wash with tea tree oil and iced lemon scent Moisturizing body wash gel retains skin's natural moisture Odor neutralization technology keeps you fresh for 24 hours Washes away bacteria and can be used to wash your hands See More irish spring ultimate wakeup in pakistan irish spring ultimate wakeup price in pakistan
Original price was: ₨:3,200.00.Current price is: ₨:3,000.00.

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